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Jacquie & David Tarry

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So, a Little More About Us:

We are David & Jacquie Tarry (and yes, this is a photo of us above!) and along with our two boys, live in Cowes on the wonderful Isle of Wight. 


We've been involved with UW since February 2009 and our journey with the business started when we were frankly in a very dark place, with the proverbial walls closing in, when an email came flying into David's inbox from a fellow mortgage broker. 


It arrived at just the right time, as it was going to make us some money and we were in the middle of the ‘credit crunch’ (which seems like a breeze compared to Covid-19, eh!?) that was decimating the mortgage market.  On top of that, we'd had two major family emergencies to deal with in the previous  two years.

David clicked a link to an online video which promised to show something, an "opportunity".  Something he'd never heard of before, and for days afterwards he kept thinking "what if it does work”.  He kept thinking about it day and night and that voice kept on saying “what if it does work? what if it does work? what if it does work?”

So, he eventually showed Jacquie what he’d seen and that very same night we decided to simply ‘give it a go’ because that was our "sliding doors" moment.   We could either carry on either 'hoping' things would be ok, or fight with hundreds of thousands of others to find another job, or we could take a leap of faith and possibly change our family’s life forever.  But frankly, what did we have to lose...nothing!

“Would it work?” “Could we do it?” 

That night we walked through that sliding door and into what was the best thing that could ever have happened.  All we've done is was what we were told…to follow a successful system, and for us the rest is history and we're now one of the top earners in the business. 

So, in this uncertain world, is it time for you or someone you know to decide to look at a different path in life, to secure your financial future and help others to do the same? 

We know this business works, and it can work for you too. 


Have faith, take a leap, choose your path.


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